Working on Campus

A Christopher Newport education is a lot more than just academics. There’s tons of opportunities to explore through service, community and professionalism. Specifically, on-campus jobs help us gain practical work experience in an accommodating environment that also challenges our work ethic before moving onto the “real world.”

When I arrived on campus as a freshman, I knew I wanted to get a job. I attended the on-campus career fair (hosted by the Center for Career Planning) and talked to tons of different of employers. There were a lot of jobs I was interested in, and I applied to all of them. The process was extremely easy, as Christopher Newport uses a service called “Handshake” to simplify applications. I went to several interviews, but when all was said and done I became a student blogger (which is why you’re reading this now). Honestly, it’s the best job ever and it’s certainly something that’s not only well-tailored for my skill set, but also my major (communication). Not only is it great professional experience, but it also enhances my education as a whole.

An on-campus job at Christopher Newport isn’t just a way to make money; it genuinely is another part of your education. Just because we’re a small school doesn’t mean we have small opportunities; in fact, most of my friends have some sort of job or internship on campus! It’s so easy to get involved here and develop skills and connections that will not only last four years, but a lifetime. At Christopher Newport, the rest of your life begins as soon as you enroll.

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