Trick or Treat!

The Residence Hall Association puts on a trick-or-treat event every year, and it’s one of the highlights of your first year at Christopher Newport. The Sunday before Halloween, the students in first-year residence halls decorate their halls in spooky fashion, and at night, the professors, faculty, staff and people from around the community bring their kids all dressed up in their costumes and trick-or-treat in the residence halls. It’s so awesome.

Last year, I missed the trick-or-treat because I was studying for a test, but this year I was able to volunteer, and it was awesome seeing all the people dressed up.

This event is great because it lets the first year students take a break from their day-to-day schedules and give back to both the Christopher Newport and Newport News communities. Also, it’s really hard to be stressed out when there are little kids in costumes coming up to you asking for candy; they’re absolutely precious.

Christopher Newport is determined to make an impact on the lives of everyone, and that’s something I really love about this place; I got to see some of the housekeeping, maintenance, and even dining hall staff come to this event, and they were so happy. It makes me proud to be a Captain!

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