The Magical Study Abroad Office

Spring semester course registration is just around the corner, but while my peers consider their class options with their core advisers here on campus, I’m busy contemplating what I should study in Italy. I had always dreamed of studying abroad when I came to CNU, but I was completely lost on to how to bring this idea into reality. I was advised to start considering my options early on, so the first thing I did during the ending weeks of my freshman year was set up an appointment with the study abroad office. I was met by the most helpful staff who answered any question I had and guided me to the destination that would best fit my goals and major.

Once I determined my destination I was able to narrow down my choice to my absolute favorite based on location and available classes. The next step that worried me the most was figuring out how I could afford it. After talking to the financial planner of the study abroad office, we found that it was actually not too expensive! She also made sure I had access to financial paperwork, that honestly confused me to no end, and explained every component that I needed to fill out, as well as the significance of each item. Lastly, she recommended a few scholarships to review, which helped start my process to applying.

Next I had to update my passport and fill out a bunch of paperwork, but my study abroad adviser helped me every step of the way. She was extremely helpful with the process and made sure I had everything I needed to achieve my goal. I am proud to say I received my acceptance letter to Florence University of the Arts, where I will be studying political science and communication. I am beyond excited to depart this January, but I owe it all to the wonderful study abroad staff that made everything possible.

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