The Life of a Senior

Senior year of college is not like senior year of high school. It’s no walk in the park. Having said that, senior year means that my journey at Christopher Newport is coming to an end and I have to overcome that final hurdle to make it all the way through. This hurdle of senior year, while challenging, has so far been very rewarding and has taught me how to better manage my time and set strict goals for myself. My senior year is preparing me well for my future.

As a business administration major with a concentration in marketing, my senior year consists of many upper-level courses in business and marketing. This means that group projects are a constant, tests count as a larger part of my final grade, and papers are now longer than they have ever been before. But do not fret! All of this can be managed if you are careful in planning out your schedule. Personally, writing down every detail of the day that I must complete in my planner is most helpful, while others heavily rely on Google Calendar which is accessible anywhere via phone or computer. No matter your preference, come to college with organization in mind.

Christopher Newport and its faculty are also here to help you along the way because they want to see you succeed. You are not climbing this mountain alone! If you and your group are not seeing eye to eye, your professors would be happy to give advice during office hours. My group once received extra credit just for coming to our professor’s office hours!

For papers, Christopher Newport professors can provide their students access to Grammarly, a website that finds grammatical errors that Word might not detect. It is also a great idea to use the student employees at the Christopher Newport Center for Academic Success, who are there to help you edit and formalize your papers! The new addition to the library and online databases are also a huge help if you need to research for essays, projects or assignments. With all of the academic resources at Christopher Newport, my senior year has been difficult, but completely manageable.

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