Stress: Not Always Stressful

Much like a rollercoaster, college has its fair share of ups and downs. With three years under my belt, I can assure that you will experience a greater amount of high points in your college career than low points. While this is true for the vast majority of college students, I have to admit that the low points still terrify me, regardless of how infrequently they occur. That is why I am thankful that Christopher Newport and the CNU community offers many ways for us to relieve stress.

Just this week, I have been overly consumed with work. My planner is covered in illegible scribbles of many papers, group projects, deadlines, tests, homework assignments, readings and club meetings that I have this week. It seems like a lot, especially compared to other weeks where my workload is very minimal. In fact, it is a lot. That being said, I am tackling one thing at a time and taking necessary breaks to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

For the times that I am feeling stressed during my busy weeks, I throw on my gym clothes and take a short walk over to the Freeman Center to work out in the gym. I am already a frequent gym goer, so the gym is nothing new to me, but I highly recommend using the gym even for a quick walk on the treadmill or a short session of lifting weights. When you work out, your body releases chemicals called endorphins which reduce stress. (You can thank me later.) I also designate time to go to the dining halls either Commons or Regattas, to eat a healthy meal and spend time with friends. This is very relaxing to me because it is proven that taking breaks helps with productivity by giving your mind time to rest. My stressful week is coming to an end, and using these tips, I know that I can make it through!

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