Steeped in Tradition

Christopher Newport University was founded in 1960. Originally, the college was mostly for commuting students, but as it grew in size and popularity, it became the full-fledged university it is today. Although we are a relatively young college compared to some other Virginia institutions, our educational experience here is deeply rooted in tradition.

You’ll hear all about if you take one of our famous on-campus tours with our student ambassadors. Door-holding is a big one that is emphasized. We care about each other – you’re never too busy to stop for a few seconds and hold a door for someone. It sounds obvious, but after a year and a half of going to Christopher Newport, it’s honestly strange when, off campus, someone doesn’t hold a door for me! We also have our penny and bell traditions. At freshman convocation, you receive a penny that you keep until graduation, which you then toss into a fountain. It’s symbolic of the honor code we live by each and every day as a Captain. Similarly, you ring the Christopher Newport bell after convocation and then again at graduation. These are small things, but, to us, they’re significant. They’re indicative of a higher purpose; we’re not just college students, we’re Christopher Newport students – and that’s special.

I believe the most important tradition we uphold at Christopher Newport is being a community. We’re all in this together, and Christopher Newport isn’t Christopher Newport unless we, as a student body and faculty, all give our 100 percent to one another. We hold doors, we talk in line at the dining hall, we walk to class together; basically, we’re there for each other. I’m so happy to be a part of such a loving, vibrant college and community that is so fulfilling for myself and my peers.

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