Road to an Internship!

I probably get a call or text from my mom every week that mentions how I have to be on the lookout for an internship this summer. Honestly, I didn’t even know where to begin when she first brought it up. A Google search for “internships?” Once I started thinking about it though, I remembered  Christopher Newport has plenty of clear and easy avenues that will aid in my journey toward getting one.

As a member of the President’s Leadership Program (PLP), it’s required that I have at least one internship during my four years at Christopher Newport. It’s a great requirement because it pushes us to ensure that we are not only successful in college, but also out in the “real” world too. It’s really easy to get in touch with the PLP office and ask questions about getting an internship. They have tons of connections, so can tailor recommendation specifically for my needs, which is a huge help. Also, the Center for Career Planning is always open and they’re around specifically for these kinds of reasons! It’s so easy to schedule an appointment and be helped. They do these things regularly, so they’re definitely experts and it’s extremely comforting to know I’m in good hands when I visit them.

I’m making an appointment with the Center for Career Planning to get started! I honestly can’t wait to see what we can find. Hopefully, I’ll have an internship experience to share soon!

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