Registration: A Horror Movie

It’s 6:59 a.m., my eyelids are heavy with sleep, my heart is beating fast, blood rushing with anxiety, but on the outside, I just look like a mess in my pajamas sitting in my bed with my laptop in front of me because it’s time to register.

The clock strikes 7. Fingers furiously fly on the keyboard to enter the course registration numbers; 8114, 8995, 9231, 8805, 8217, 8849, 8197. I submit as quickly as I can, the anxiety almost boiling over. Seven classes. It’s too late to go back now. (It’s not but I already registered and would have to do some extra clicking to undo it and that’s just a lot of work).

OK, maybe that was a bit overdramatic, but no matter what college you go to, registration can be stressful. The hardest part for me was waking up on time because I’m the type of person who likes to sleep in until noon, but I was able to get up on time for this registration period and I’m really happy about that.

Something that I really love about Christopher Newport is that for your first semester you don’t have to register for classes. You will get placed into classes that best fit your interests and personalities based on results from a survey you will take when you get offered admission. My senior year of high school was really stressful, and some of my friends were studying for finals, AP tests, IB exams and they also had to worry about registering. I was able to get some sleep back then because I knew that my university would do that for me.

I loved my schedule my first semester here, but keep in mind that if there’s a class you get put into that doesn’t quite feel right, we have a two-week period for adding and dropping classes at the beginning of the semester, and there’s absolutely no penalty.

A Captain is cared for, even before your first semester begins.

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