Meal Buddies

Since coming to college, I literally cannot eat a meal alone, because no matter what, I always see somebody I know in the dining hall and we end up sitting together and next thing you know, I just had an hour-long conversation catching up with someone I hadn’t talked to in a week or so.

It’s so crazy how “Hey, how’s it going” turns into a deep conversation so quickly at Christopher Newport. That’s because we value community and friendliness. If you see someone, you ask them how they are, and if they say they aren’t doing too well, then you talk to them until they feel better. That’s what Captains do. We care about each other and try to lift each other up when we’re down, because everyone has those days, and they can really be a bummer.

In addition to this, I’ve also started planning meals with people a lot more frequently. I feel so fancy sometimes planning brunch with my friends on the weekend because I’ve literally never had brunch before college. It was always either breakfast or lunch.

One of my favorite days of the food week is Thursday. It’s not just any other day of the week; It’s General Tso’s chicken Thursday. I don’t know what Regattas puts in that chicken to make it so good, but I could eat a boatful of it. Every Thursday my friend and I get lunch in Regs and catch up, and while we are eating, at least 10 people walk by us and start little mini conversations. It’s really awesome that people care and want to catch up, and it really makes me feel like I matter here at Christopher Newport.

Sometimes I feel like my friends and I are like ships in passing, so it’s nice to set a course for the same place every so often. Use your meal time to not only fill your stomach, but to also fill your heart.

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