Is one enough? Is two too many?

Coming to college – especially as a first-generation college student – can be scary. What should I major in? I like Spanish, but do I want to do that for the rest of my life? Is a minor worth it? Should I double major or double minor?

These are all questions that flew through my mind after I received my acceptance letter to Christopher Newport about two and a half years ago (time flies, wow). But don’t fret, everything always works out in the end. Remember that college is specifically made for the purpose of you carving out your own path, which means you could stick with one or two things throughout your four years or you can change them up. Pretty much anything is feasible, so long as you put in the work.

I am a Spanish and communication double major, with a minor in leadership studies. I came into college as just a Spanish major and picked up communications my second semester, but I’m still graduating on-time.

Remember that college is about growth and doing what you love. What is the purpose of going and getting a degree in something that you don’t love? Follow your passions. If you want a music degree or a theater degree, why should you force yourself into bio or business? Many jobs nowadays are just looking for people who had the grit and determination to actually get a four-year degree.

Follow your dreams and do what you love, and at Christopher Newport, that’s exactly what we do.

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