How Hard is it to Study?

If I’m being honest, studying is hard. Most of the time, it can be pretty boring and you always have to force yourself to do it. I’m a big procrastinator and so when I chose a college, I wanted to make sure the one I picked had a great study environment. Christopher Newport definitely has that.

We’re a small college and although we definitely like to have fun, we have a quieter vibe on our campus than other, bigger universities. We just expanded our library and it feels like it doubled in size, and it’s still always busy! Just about all my friends spend at least one night in the library a week. Our academics are so important to us at Christopher Newport, and studying is an essential part of that.

Most classes are pretty small, and a lot of times students will form group chats with one another to keep up to date on all the information and make study dates! Just the other day I met up with two of my friends in my leadership class and we all crammed for a test. (Sidenote: we all ended up with As, so woo!) Plus, the Center for Academic Success is always open for a consultation to sit down and help you with your study habits or tutoring.

If you’re looking for a college to grow yourself academically, Christopher Newport is the place to be. We live in such a thriving, studious environment here where everyone is on the same page about their education. If you’re wondering how hard it is to study at Christopher Newport, the answer is not at all!

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