Hockey With the Bros

It’s hockey season again, and Christopher Newport definitely knows it. In the Greek house, every week we gather around one of the TVs and get rowdy watching some intense hockey. Of course, we’re all big Washington Capitals fans, especially off the heels of their Stanley Cup victory. It’s a great time bonding with brothers, but, when I think about it, I realize I actually didn’t start watching hockey until I became a Captain!

In high school, I played lacrosse and wrestled, but never considered myself a big sports guy. When I joined Psi Upsilon, I quickly learned that pretty much all of my brothers were. Being exposed to something all the time certainly gets you acclimated very quickly, but I like to watch sports with my brothers for a different reason, and that’s shared experience. It’s an amazing feeling to share excitement and celebrate with one another. I’m still not huge into football or baseball, but for some reason hockey gets me riled up real quick and I love that.

Time moves very quickly in college, and it didn’t hit me until my sophomore year. At Christopher Newport, I’m making memories and connections that I’ll hold dear for the rest of my life. It might just be a hockey game, but it means so much more, to both me and my friends.

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