Class Scheduling Made Easy

I’ve found the class scheduling process pretty easy over the past few semesters. Christopher Newport always emphasizes the personal touch, being a smaller-sized school. It’s definitely true. I don’t feel like a number, I feel like a student; I feel valued. So, when I was making my schedule for next semester and had some questions and concerns, I didn’t hesitate to sit down with my core adviser.

The main concern I had was regarding Acting I. The course was for declared theater majors only, but Christopher Newport usually only allows declarations at the end of sophomore year to ensure that students have really thought through their decided path. So, as a sophomore, there seemed to be no way I could get in the class.

I talked with my adviser and he suggested I get in touch with the Theater Department and see what could be done. I called, spoke with the receptionist, and she put me in touch with a staff member who I explained the situation to. She said I’d have to go through the head of the department, and so I emailed her and we worked it out! I’ll be a part of the Acting I class next semester and I couldn’t be happier about it. It might sound like I jumped through a lot of hoops, but the process was actually very straightforward.

Last year, I had to override into a class and it was similarly easy. The staff at Christopher Newport is here to help, and, as a student, it’s so great to know that my wants and needs are acknowledged and worked with. I don’t have to interact with a computer or wait days to schedule an appointment, I can actively work with the staff to get results. Christopher Newport University focuses on the individual, what more could you ask for?

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