Bingo Night

It was Wednesday night and my friends and I didn’t have anything planned. We asked around for things to do and we learned that the Campus Activities Board or “CAB” was hosting a bingo night in the David Student Union! Not only that, but they were actually giving away great prizes like speakers, headphones and Christopher Newport merch. We knew we had to go.

To our surprise, it was a full house. As soon as we walked up the stairs towards the ballroom where it was being hosted, we could hear the laughter and talking from all the students eagerly awaiting the event. There were so many people that they actually ran out of bingo cards. Once everything started, it was an absolute blast. I had my heart set on winning a copy of “Avengers: Infinity War”, but alas someone beat me to it when I was only a single space away. That’s how bingo goes though. Unfortunately, I didn’t win anything, but one of my good friends won a hammock which he was really excited about!

It was all around a great way to spend a Wednesday night. There really is always something to do on campus. One of my favorite parts of bingo night was how there was a CAB member assigned to each section of the room who would root for your table and cheer you on. It was a great personal touch. CAB knew the event was going to be big, and having their members dispersed around the room to mingle ensured that the whole night felt very friendly and casual. No one was left out and that’s what I love about Christopher Newport.

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