A Different Kind of Spring Break

Normally when we think of spring break, we think of beaches and partying. That’s all well and good, but Christopher Newport offers a few alternatives which are extraordinary opportunities.

I noticed the first opportunity in the weekly President’s Leadership Program (PLP) newsletter. Through the REACH service organization, Captains have the chance to apply for a service trip to Virginia or South Carolina for spring break. There were a few different ones offered, each catering to a specific area of interest. I found myself drawn to a trip to Charleston, South Carolina, where I’d be helping underprivileged children. It sounded like a great chance in which I could not only teach, but learn alongside these children and my fellow peers.

Yesterday, I was very happy to learn my application was accepted! As I was expressing my excitement to my friends, one of them informed me he had actually also applied to a service trip in the Dominican Republic for spring break! He hasn’t heard back yet, but he will soon and I’m hoping he gets it.

I never would have thought I’d have an opportunity like this. Service is one of our core values at Christopher Newport. Everyone pitches in here. I’ve met another person who will be coming on the trip and her passion for what’s ahead has only increased my excitement. I can’t wait for spring break!

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