Welcome Back, Homework

The 2018-19 academic year at Christopher Newport is officially in full swing. While there is certainly plenty of fun being had all around campus, there’s also plenty of learning – and with that, homework. Of course, homework is nothing new, but that doesn’t mean the sting of a new assignment posted doesn’t still elicit an eye roll or groan from the students.

For me, my first big homework assignment this semester was from my argumentation class. A fairly in-depth summary of chapters 1 through 13 was announced, and the due date within a week’s time. I’m fine with reading, but cramming 13 chapters in a week with in-depth summaries and analysis? Ugh. Though, as always, when one weighty assignment is given out, another one is close behind in a different class. Sure enough, the next day my English professor informed my class and I that our first essay was due within a couple of class periods. I canceled my weekend plans; I knew I was going to be busy!

Procrastination plagued me at my workstation and extra, wasted hours ticked away as I clicked away on my laptop keyboard, distracted by social media. Though, by Saturday night, I was totally finished with everything and I felt amazing. Everyone has their gripes about homework, and I am certainly no exception. Though, as with anything else, homework begins and ends. While it may be a harsh truth to face on the day its assigned, it’ll just as soon be over by the time the due date is reached. The semester is just getting started, and although there’s a lot of work to be done, I’m so excited to experience what’s ahead. Even if it’s more argumentation summaries from chapters 14-24…


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