The New Library is My Best Friend

The library construction was difficult on the student body to say the least. With the limited space available, many students (including myself) found it more and more difficult to stay on task and create successful study habits. Thankfully the new library has proven its worth 10 times over and it has only been a few short weeks!

The additional independent study rooms and group study rooms are my favorite addition to the Library extension. White boards, privacy and comfy chairs have helped create the academic environment I personally need to stay focused and on task. Late nights are made bearable thanks to the Einstein’s, which provides delicious snacks and drinks till 1 a.m. Monday through Thursday.

As time goes on, I have only heard positive feedback about the extension and its new resources! The library doesn’t just have enhanced and state-of-the-art study spaces. The expansion includes over 100,000 additional square feet, a 100-seat lecture hall, a collections center, and even a balcony where we can sit outside and relax. I know that over time our student body will utilize these resources greatly and I am so excited to see all the new additions.

One of my favorite things about Christopher Newport University is the overall energy and idea that we as students, professors and as a campus should and are constantly seeking new and inventive ways to improve ourselves and develop together. I came onto campus seeking a community that would push me out of my comfort zone and challenge me in all areas of my life, not strictly academically. Often, President Paul Trible describes our goal to live “a life of significance,” and I know that our students, professors and administrators share that same goal.

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