Safety at CNU

Going off to college can be scary and intimidating for a variety of reasons. Though, many of them fall under the umbrella of not feeling secure on campus. Thankfully, at Christopher Newport, our community is built upon ensuring we are all safe and healthy so we can pursue our educational passions.

Campus safety is a top priority at Christopher Newport, in fact, CNU is designated by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services as a Certified Crime Prevention Campus. In the freshmen residence halls, there is always a front desk assistant there to check IDs when we enter the building (after you have already scanned yourself in). As a student, it’s comforting to know that the only people allowed in residence halls are people who belong there. Even outside of the residence halls, the campus still feels very comfortable and relaxed. Personally, I have never felt uneasy walking around campus late at night. Though, if I did, it’s nice to know that Christopher Newport has its own police department that works 24 hours a day.

Christopher Newport is a part of the larger Newport News, Virginia area. It’s great to be able to explore the city, but it’s also very reassuring knowing that Christopher Newport is always a safe place – a place you can always rely on to be your home. Besides physical safety, Christopher Newport also offers counseling services to those who feel like they need it, for any reason. As a campus, we protect and care for one another. Everyone should feel comfortable at Christopher Newport, both physically and mentally. We work hard as a community to ensure we accomplish this.

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