Making the Most of Your Four Years

College is so different from high school. In college, I get to choose what classes I take, and more importantly, the classes I don’t take (sorry, math). I no longer need an extracurricular incentive to get up every day and go to class. My first year at Christopher Newport, I decided to not get involved on campus, because I was afraid that I would overbook myself.

I ended up losing out on some great moments and opportunities. I spent a few too many hours in my room watching Netflix (yes, that’s possible). I had so many opportunities to get involved. So many people asked me to come to their clubs and do different activities, but I was so intently focused on my academics that I let my social life struggle a bit.

College is like a blank piece of paper. You can use that paper to write an essay or draw a picture, you can fold it or cut it; the possibilities are endless. But if you just sit there staring at it, you won’t get to enjoy the fun and limitless potential.

This year, I made it my goal to get as involved as possible on our wonderful campus. So far, this year, I have founded CNU Spanish Club, work two fantastic on-campus jobs, am a member of the Residence Hall Association, University Chorale, and the President’s Leadership Program, and guess what? I still have the time to fit in two majors!

I enjoy all of my involvements, and they really do make my days super fun and fast-paced, and with each day make me fall in love with Christopher Newport University all over again.

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