Hurricane Florence has come and gone. Even though it didn’t physically reach Christopher Newport (thankfully), it definitely had a huge impact on us. The university closed from September 12 through the 16. Obviously, it was exciting to have a break from class for a little while. Though, what I found most impressive was how the Christopher Newport community came together during this challenging time.

The cancellation of school was very short notice, and many students were scrambling to figure out ride situations and places to stay for the “break.” Richmond, which is about an hour away, was a popular destination for those who could not make it all the way home. My friend offered up his house in Richmond as a place to stay for those who had nowhere else to go. And plenty more were doing the same. No one was left behind.

At Christopher Newport, we care about one another. It extends beyond sending a peer the notes from a class they missed. We ensure the health and safety of each other because we know, as Captains, we’re held to a higher standard of academic and social excellence than other colleges. The bonds formed at Christopher Newport are meaningful and will last a lifetime!


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