Home Away From Home

A lot of times, I often slip up and refer to Christopher Newport as my “home.” During summer break, I’ll visit my Christopher Newport friends who live nearby and I’ll say “I’m excited to get back home in August!” Then I’ll realize that, in fact, I will be leaving home in August.

As the saying goes, home is where your heart is. My heart is definitely here on campus, same as it is at my “actual” home. Christopher Newport students all share common values. We care for one another. We want to improve our lives and the lives of those around us. We’re more than just peers, we’re family. The RAs in our residence halls stress that, and that’s why hallmates always become so close with one another. Anytime you want to watch a movie or order a pizza, look no further than the people in your hall. Someone is always free and someone always wants to hang out. That’s why Christopher Newport is such a safe and happy place: the people.

Now, I know, no matter which college you go to, you’ll make friends and have plenty of good times. What separates Christopher Newport from the rest is, not only do you make friends and have a good time, but you also can make this place your own. Even after you graduate, alumni are always visiting and they’re always welcome. This university is a safe place that you are always able to go back to; it’s a home.


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