Five Places to Eat on Campus (other than dining halls)

The dining halls, Commons and Regattas, are fantastic. There’s no doubt about it. Today, I had some delicious mac n’ cheese, mashed potatoes and vegetarian “chicken” with asparagus. Though, it’s nice to be able to switch things up every once in awhile, and that’s why Christopher Newport offers so many other dining options.


  • Discovery Grill: I wanted to start this list off strong, so I’m going with my favorite option, Discovery Grill. Wow, their mozzarella sticks are something else, absolutely amazing. Once a week, I have an order of those as well as an egg and cheese croissant sandwich. Now, I know that’s a bit of an odd pairing, but trust me, it’s delicious. The grill has so many choices: burgers, salads, melts, subs and plenty of sides. There’s something for everyone!
  • Discovery Pizzeria: Every great college campus has a pizza place, and Christopher Newport is no exception. Though, I’d argue the most special thing on the menu is their garlic breadsticks. They’re only $2.40 and they’re worth every penny.
  • Discovery Bistro: The bistro is a little pricier than the other restaurants, but don’t let that stop you. It’s definitely a great place to splurge every once in awhile. They have tons of great sandwiches and sushi to choose from.
  • Chick-fil-A: I mentioned how every great college campus has a pizza place; well, every great college should have a Chick-fil-A, too. Those waffle fries can get me out of my bed anytime, any day.
  • Einstein’s: Most people go here for the coffee, but they also have a huge menu with plenty of delicious foods to choose from. They have a breakfast and lunch menu with tons of options, but also snacks and drinks that are served all day.


You don’t have to always go to a dining hall. There’s always something new and delicious to eat at Christopher Newport!

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