Family Weekend Tailgate

It’s tailgate season at Christopher Newport, and everyone is having an absolute blast. Though, Saturday’s tailgate was especially fun as it was also Family Weekend.

Unfortunately, my parents were unable to attend this weekend, but I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting lots and lots of my peers’ parents. My fraternity had a tailgate spot and it was so funny seeing my brothers stand next to their parents, as, more often than not, they looked exactly alike! There were plenty of games, food (free food), and laughs to be had. The tailgate was divided into two sections: students and parents. Though, it was a loose division as everyone was pretty mixed up.

At the parent tailgate, I had some of the most delicious brownies I’ve ever eaten, courtesy of someone’s very kind mom. I had never met her child, but she came right up to me and offered some food. She was so kind and I’m sure her student exemplifies the exact same type of kindness. It’s true, Christopher Newport is a community, and it extends far outside of the classroom—it extends into our homes and families.

The values we hold at Christopher Newport are something we take everywhere we go. And we learn them from our parents first! We respect and have fun with one another, and that’s why being a Captain is so special. I had an incredible weekend, and can’t wait until the next Family Weekend!

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