Exploring Theater

During my first semester, I was in the Dramatic Impulse class for my creative expressions requirement. I had an absolute blast. The class dealt with a lot of general ideas regarding theater, including lighting, scene design, playwriting and acting. I learned so much and found the material to be very engaging. So much so, that I’m now heavily considering a theater minor, if not a double major paired with my communication degree.

I knew I had to try another theater class. So, this semester, I signed up for Broadway to Boardroom. The course, so far, has mainly focused on acting. I’m a huge fan of performing, so this is no problem for me. We’ve read plays and theater textbooks as homework, but none of it feels like work to me. Even the textbook is a page turner. I find myself so invested and passionate in the subject that waking up at 9:30 a.m. for class is something I actually look forward to.

Theater is something I never really had the chance to properly delve into during high school. At Christopher Newport, I finally have the opportunity to pursue my passions and explore new areas. My time here is only just beginning, yet I’ve already learned so much. I’m so excited for what next semester and the coming years will bring.

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