Christopher Newport in the Fall

When I moved onto campus last year in August, as a freshman, I was shocked to learn that it was still very hot in Virginia. This year was no exception. The heat can be sweltering, even in September. It’s definitely not what you’d expect from going to school in Virginia. However, the summer sun opens up a lot of opportunities for students.

Virginia Beach is an hour’s drive at most, and there’s plenty of smaller beaches right near campus. I can’t even guess how many beach trips I’ve made in the last month alone. As someone who definitely prefers air conditioning, it’s nice to have the heat for a month in the school year because it forces me to finally get a tan going. Even on campus, the Great Lawn is filled with students relaxing and playing sports. It’s the perfect transition from summer break back into school.

A lot of students, myself included, are greatly anticipating the arrival of fall, and with it, long sleeves and jackets. It’s fast approaching, and I’m ecstatic. Though, I’ll certainly miss the warm sun shining down all day. Pretty soon, the beach trips will be put on hold until March-ish, so I’m going to squeeze in as many more as I can while the heat is still here. There’s never a bad time to be a Christopher Newport student, with each changing season, comes new opportunities and new things to be excited about.

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