Behind the Scenes of Fall Break

Fall break is that wonderful time of year when we get to take a few days to de-stress from all our classes and enjoy some extended time for ourselves. During fall break, we keep the residence halls open, because it is not a long enough break to close campus. That means that I worked for the weekend, but it was actually great.

Most people would groan at the idea of working over break, but for me, I enjoyed every second. I worked a bunch of hours and pretty much nobody was here! I love all my fellow Captains, but it was so refreshing to sit behind the desk for a few hours and chill, knowing that I might only see a few people per hour. Sometimes all you need is a change of pace to re-energize yourself.

With my free time, I was able to renew my Netflix addiction, have some peace and quiet to think about life, draw, listen to music, talk to some friends that I haven’t had the time to talk to in a while, laugh awkwardly by myself at memes, take some dramatic photos of simple objects simply because I thought it would be cool, take some great selfies, take some really bad selfies and eat chicken tenders with my other friends who worked during the break (life tip: always eat chicken tenders when the opportunity presents itself.)

Some people choose to take their breaks off campus and reunite with their families. For me, I like peace and quiet, which my family does not do. With campus nearly empty, I got to enjoy the fall weather all by myself, which, as an introvert, what could be better?

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