A Captain’s Wardrobe

The other day, in argumentation class, my professor brought up an interesting thought. We discussed how advertising is everywhere, and we advertise without even knowing it. She gave the example of how most all of our shirts were branded or had some sort of location or such on them. Then, she asked how many of us owned more than three Christopher Newport articles of clothing. Nearly everyone raised their hand.

We all went around and shared our favorite Christopher Newport pieces that we own, everything from bobbleheads to posters to sweatpants. It makes sense that we all have loads of Christopher Newport gear, I mean, we’re all students here. Though, I realized that there was something more at work. Not only does everyone wear and display their Christopher Newport merchandise, but they cherish it. And yes, as my argumentation professor noted, it’s technically all advertising, but to us these pieces are so much more than that; they’re memories.

One day, we’ll all be graduated and onto the next phase of our lives. The mementos we save, even if it is just a shirt, are something that we can always look back on to reminisce about our time at this university. We’re proud to be Captains and we’ll never forget the amazing experience we shared together during our years here. It may be a little silly to sound so sentimental over a shirt, but I’m glad that my school is so passionate. It proves to me that Christopher Newport is more than four years; it’s a lifetime.

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