Theme Meals

Are you worried you’ll get tired of dining hall menus or worried that the cycle of food will get old after a month or two? Well, fear not. Even though the dining halls do a great job of offering a variety of food, they also make an effort to put on a theme meal every so often. These are very special and very happy occasions.

Halloween, winter season, Valentine’s Day, Black History Month and St. Patrick’s Day are some of the theme dinners that the dining halls have hosted so far. It’s a great that just about everyone shows up for. The students who normally just grab a to-go box invite all their friends to share a meal with them inside of the dining hall. There’s plenty of food to share, and everyone has a great time enjoying the unique cuisine while laughing with their friends.

I remember my first theme dinner, Halloween. I was swamped with homework, but my good friends coaxed me into taking an hour or two off to come to the dining hall and delight in a delicious meal. While I was at first a tad apprehensive at procrastinating my work, I ended up having a great time that I wouldn’t have traded for anything. College, first and foremost, is for academics, but there’s no reason why you can’t have fun along the way. Theme meals are Christopher Newport’s way to remind the students to celebrate one another and enjoy their time at the university.

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