The Neo-Classical Architecture of CNU

Christopher Newport University loves columns. Every academic building here has columns. Though, it’s important to acknowledge that this is not simply aesthetic feature. America’s founding fathers designed their government buildings also evoking the same Greek/Roman imagery, but why?

Classical culture is steeped in tradition and value. The foundation of the original American education system was modeled after that of the Greeks and Romans. In their cultures, they emphasized the importance of academia and civic virtue. At Christopher Newport, this is also something students are expected to emphasize in their daily lives. The neo-classical architecture evokes these feelings. Rather than walking into a plainly designed building, a Christopher Newport student walks into very well-designed, polished buildings that are a pleasure to admire. This is indicative of the education and community at this institution.

At Christopher Newport, academics and service are taken very seriously. Just like in the days of ancient Greece and Rome, these are values that are very important to the construction of a productive society. This is why Christopher Newport instills these values in its students. Rather than tell you again and again what Christopher Newport is “about”, the university literally built itself on these traditions of value to prove its identity.

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