The Joys of Tabling

Christopher Newport is a very service-oriented institution. While it is required for the President’s Leadership Program and Bonner Scholarship, most students participate in service for the community out of their own freewill!

Just about every club, organization and athletic team has some sort of philanthropy or cause that raises money, support and/or awareness. While there are tons of creative and innovative fundraisers that are happening on campus all the time, a lot of time is also spent simply tabling. Seemingly, this can be seen as one of the more “boring” ways to serve the community. You sit down at a table, whether it’s in the DSU or the plaza, and try to get the people passing by to interact with your platform.

However, I have actually found a great deal of enjoyment in tabling, as have many of my peers. Firstly, it is a great bonding experience between you and the people you are tabling with. You are all passionate enough to donate your time towards this cause, and it feels great to be among like-minded people. In addition, interacting with those passing by is always a pleasant experience. Having the opportunity to teach someone about a topic you are passionate about is a very rewarding activity.

Sure, a lot of it is just sitting, but the interaction is what makes it so worth it. Engaging with the Christopher Newport community is a reminder as to why this university is so special. So many people are willing to stop at your table and learn about what you are doing, and it’s great to know that you have that kind of support from your peers.

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