The Registrar’s office is often forgotten as a resource on this campus. We focus so much energy on registering for classes: We constantly make sure we are taking the classes we need, we put together many possible schedules to prepare for registration, we meet with advisers and wake up early the day of. However, we forget that there is a whole office behind this process.

Entering into Christopher Newport, the Registrar puts together your entire schedule for your first semester in order to make sure you start off on the right foot. They make sure you are starting college without the stress of putting together a schedule and registering with everyone else. You are all set the minute you step foot on campus.

If registration doesn’t go as planned, the Registrar can help you see what your best choices are. If you need to override, the have a form for that. If you decide to take an internship class or independent study, they have a form for that. They are more than just the behind the scenes hands on registration processes. In fact, just today I went to the office, on the first floor of Christopher Newport Hall, and had a very helpful conversation with their welcoming staff.

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