The Registrar’s office is often forgotten as a resource on this campus. We focus so much energy on registering for classes: We constantly make sure we are taking the classes we need, we put together many possible schedules to prepare for registration, we meet with advisers and wake up early the day of. However, we forget that there is a whole office behind this process.

Entering into Christopher Newport, the Registrar puts together your entire schedule for your first semester in order to make sure you start off on the right foot. They make sure you are starting college without the stress of putting together a schedule and registering with everyone else. You are all set the minute you step foot on campus.

If registration doesn’t go as planned, the Registrar can help you see what your best choices are. If you need to override, the have a form for that. If you decide to take an internship class or independent study, they have a form for that. They are more than just the behind the scenes hands on registration processes. In fact, just today I went to the office, on the first floor of Christopher Newport Hall, and had a very helpful conversation with their welcoming staff.

The First Beautiful Day

It happened, here it is! Spring has arrived. After a long stretch of cold days for the winter season, the first beautiful day of spring is a celebrated day on campus. The Great Lawn goes from completely un-walked on to covered with picnics and students playing sports. The campus is filled with a new level of joy when we emerge from our inside quarters to feel the sun on our skin.

Professors take classes outside for the day, homework gets pushed off till the sun goes down and everyone smiles a little bigger. It is a new kind of magic with the sun is shining a little brighter and the grass is a little greener, as if that is possible. It is the perfect day for campus tours, and the perfect day for outside studying.

Sometimes I forget how many students attend this school until spring time comes around, and everyone spends more time outside filling the campus with energy!

Intercultural Festival

Intercultural Festival is an annual event hosted by the Campus Activities Board (CAB) on campus. Some things you will find at the event are food, raffle prizes, henna tattoos, tables set-up with information about international countries and cultural performances. All these things are free! College students sure do love that word.

The food provided is not just any food, it is from different countries. There are so many good dishes out there that I did not know about until I attended the Intercultural Festival. Going to this event truly gives you knowledge on other cultures, which is a great thing especially if you plan on traveling abroad in the future. I have enjoyed watching the music and dance performances. CAB does a great job at planning on and off-campus events for the entire student body, at no cost. Be sure to attend next year’s Intercultural Fest!

Once a Captain, Always a Captain

Once you’re a captain, you’re a captain for life. Unlike other colleges, students from years past are not forgotten, but rather an integral cog in the mechanics of the Christopher Newport community.

As an alumni, you are entitled to a myriad of benefits from the university. Among these are discounts for on-campus facilities, such as renting the chapel for a wedding; selected discounts for the Ferguson Center’s many, many wonderful performances; access to the library and even a parking pass! Though, perhaps most importantly, you also have lifelong access to the Center for Career Planning this includes job searching, job applying, resume editing and much more!

In addition, alumni are also given the opportunity to give back to their community. You are able to help out your fellow alumni by working with the Center for Career Planning to give CNU alumni access to your company’s job postings. In addition, donating to Christopher Newport is a terrific way to ensure that the institution can continue the same level of excellence as it always has.

Alumni Weekend is a great place to get in contact with your fellow alumni and work with them to better network yourself! This is your opportunity to enjoy many of these benefits, though they are available year-round, but also be among your peers and learn of the new alumni benefits that are being expanded upon every year.

The Neo-Classical Architecture of CNU

Christopher Newport University loves columns. Every academic building here has columns. Though, it’s important to acknowledge that this is not simply aesthetic feature. America’s founding fathers designed their government buildings also evoking the same Greek/Roman imagery, but why?

Classical culture is steeped in tradition and value. The foundation of the original American education system was modeled after that of the Greeks and Romans. In their cultures, they emphasized the importance of academia and civic virtue. At Christopher Newport, this is also something students are expected to emphasize in their daily lives. The neo-classical architecture evokes these feelings. Rather than walking into a plainly designed building, a Christopher Newport student walks into very well-designed, polished buildings that are a pleasure to admire. This is indicative of the education and community at this institution.

At Christopher Newport, academics and service are taken very seriously. Just like in the days of ancient Greece and Rome, these are values that are very important to the construction of a productive society. This is why Christopher Newport instills these values in its students. Rather than tell you again and again what Christopher Newport is “about”, the university literally built itself on these traditions of value to prove its identity.

Areas of Inquiry

At Christopher Newport, in order to receive your diploma you must first complete a course in each of your Areas of Inquiry. Here are a few of the areas that are available, and my experiences with them:

  • Creative Expressions. This is by far what I believe to be one of the most valuable Areas of Inquiry. This is the chance for many people to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. Whether it’s theater, art, music or dance, there are so many opportunities to delve into a subject that excites and challenges you. I elected to take The Dramatic Impulse, a theater course, and it was my favorite class from last semester.
  • Western Traditions: This Area of Inquiry offers students the chance to learn more about how American culture is rooted in tradition, and where that tradition comes from. Rather than simply reciting facts, these courses allow the student to discover unique and well-reasoned explanations for connections throughout history. Western Traditions is about applying your knowledge.
  • Civic & Democratic Engagement: If you’re interested in political science, then this Area of Inquiry will definitely excite you. These courses will inform you of your rights and how to apply them. In addition, the courses delve into the topic of what it means to be an American citizen and how you can help your country.
  • Global & Multicultural Perspectives: This Area of Inquiry widens your perspective outside of the United States. It specifically focuses on a worldview, which is very beneficial to understanding the context of the world we live in. With lots of American-geared courses and majors, Christopher Newport is still deliberate in making sure that its students are also well-versed in other cultures too. This provides for a great, well-rounded education!