How it Feels to See the Finish Line

It has definitely been a long year, and I’m happy to see the finish line. Parents, guardians, family friends, teachers and, generally, just anyone older than you will tell you that going to college is a big adjustment. And it is, I mean, you’re moving out of your house for the first time and living in a dorm hours away from home in most cases. Though, Christopher Newport made the transition so easy. I never for a second wished I was anywhere else.

The courses I’ve taken are exactly as advertised. They are engaging and make you think. A lot of times, there’s more than one right answer and you’re free to experiment with whatever avenue you wish to find a solution to the question/problem at hand. The professors have been more than accommodating to any needs or questions I, or any of my peers, may have had. After a year at this school, I can personally attest to the excellence of academics that are evident in every single classroom.

I’ve also had the opportunity to explore my interests through extracurriculars. I became involved in student government, which allowed me to make impactful change on campus. I also had a great and very fulfilling time serving the community with the President’s Leadership Program and the SPCA Club. Though, I do believe I am most grateful for my fraternity, Psi Upsilon, which has offered me a brotherhood of the highest quality.

I’ve made so many great friends this year and have had so many amazing experiences I’ll never forget. I am ready to finish out the year and take my finals next week, but I also am just as ready to jump into my sophomore year next fall!

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