4 Things CNU Students do in Their Free-Time

  1. Study. Academic success is of the utmost importance to the legacy and foundation of Christopher Newport. We take our classes seriously, so you can rest assured most students spend a hefty chunk of their time completing assignments and vigorously studying for their next test. Whether alone in your dorm, in a group in the library or with your hallmates in the hall study room, there’s plenty of space to get some studying done.
  2. Serve. Service is another key aspect of what it means to be a captain at Christopher Newport. Almost all clubs and organizations on campus engage in some kind of service for the Newport News or Christopher Newport community, sometimes even outreach to other regions of America and the world. This is where a fair amount of time goes for students here. They find a cause they are passionate about, and feverishly commit their time to furthering the goals of their organization through this cause.
  3. Socialize. To enjoy a well-rounded college experience, you could socialize and engage with your peers! Of course, some are more introverted than others; however, there is a place for everyone at Christopher Newport. Whether it’s a large group of your peers or simply your roommates, every Christopher Newport will quickly find their group of friends. These people become your support system, and they will be people you can rely on for the rest of your career at Christopher Newport. 
  4. Extracurriculars. CNU students get involved. There is an abundance of opportunities that all students can indulge in. Whether it’s a service, athletic or interest group — there is genuinely something for everyone. The best part about CNU is always having something to do!

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