Your Department

There are many academic departments at Christopher Newport. All of which are committed to the student to ensure we are able to achieve all we are capable of within their field of choice. Among these are Economics, Theater and Dance, Leadership and American Studies, History, Mathematics, Communications, and many more.

If you need extra help with a class and your professor is unable to hold office hours, you can contact your department. This is as easy as walking into the academic building that houses your department and asking to speak with someone. Without doubt, you will be led to a professor who is holding office hours and can help answer all of your questions. Whether it’s an assignment question, essay review, inquiries about the major or study abroad opportunities, all members of your department will be able to help.

Last semester, my communication professor had a very busy week and could not hold office hours. So, instead, I went to another professor within the department that teaches the same class, and I was able to get great answers for all the questions I had. At Christopher Newport, we’re a community. There is never just one person helping you, there is a whole wealth of people eager to answer your questions and guide you towards success.

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