Whisper Wall and Other Places to Check Out on Campus

Whisper Wall: This is probably one of, if not the, most peaceful and thoughtful place on campus. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of a whisper wall, it’s essentially this: a rounded piece of stone that is sculpted in such a way that if one person whispers on a side of the wall, a person on the opposing side with his or her ear to it will hear the whisper as if it was right next to him or her. It’s quite fascinating. There’s also a place to sit down so you can relax and admire the structure.

Arts Garden: One of the best kept secrets at Christopher Newport is the “hidden garden,” Located in the Ferguson Center, there is a door that leads to a space outside that is filled to the brim with beautiful, thriving plant life. There’s bench swings and plenty of sitting to enjoy the natural ambiance of the space. The garden is absolutely breathtaking!

Clock Tower: The clock tower is rooted in tradition at Christopher Newport. After convocation, a ceremony before you formally begin your freshman year, you ring the bell once. You will ring the bell only one other time in your tenure at Christopher Newport, and that is during your senior year. It’s a powerful symbol of the time that has passed by and all of the opportunities and experiences you have had during your years at Christopher Newport. It’s a great place to visit and reflect on your life and how far you have come!

St. Francis of Assisi Statue: This has returned to campus situated outside of the new Regattas entrance. The statue is certainly something to behold. The statue has become a staple of Christopher Newport. If you’re visiting Christopher Newport, you should certainly stop by to admire its craftsmanship.

Geese Fountain: This is another place on campus that is of great significance to the student body. During convocation, students receive a penny. This penny is to symbolize and remind the holder of the honor code they pledged to during convocation. The students keep this penny for the rest of their years at Christopher Newport. After graduation, students throw their pennies into this fountain, a tradition that has gone on for years here.

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