Weather in Newport News

As you may know, Christopher Newport University is located in Southeastern Virginia. This means beaches, rivers and warmer weather. Winter in Newport News is not as bad as other parts of Virginia, especially the north. It is usually 10 degrees warmer down here than it is up in Northern Virginia. I cannot complain about that!

The warm weather here in Newport News allows us to do so many outdoor activities. We can go to beaches nearby or even sit on the Great Lawn and do schoolwork or just relax while taking a break from school. Sitting on the Great Lawn is almost as great as going to the beach because of the wonderful view of the buildings here on campus, especially Christopher Newport Hall.

Newport News also has its rainy days! So, a rain coat and rain boots are a must when you are a student here. All in all, the weather in Newport News tends to be warmer than cities in Northern Virginia.

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