Trible Plaza

Everyone is in a great mood at Christopher Newport. Why? Well, because it’s getting warmer! Clubs and interest groups have certainly taken a notice of this, and they’re taking advantage of it as well. Rather than set up in the David Student Union, which many organizations still do, a handful of organizations now elect to table outside in the sun in the Trible Plaza.

This is a fantastic time to be a student here. It’s so refreshing to be taking a stroll on campus and be able to have a meaningful discussion with a fellow student out on the Trible Plaza over something they are passionate about. There is tabling for just about anything you could imagine. There are clubs, Greek fundraisers, athletics, charity events and other great things going on out on the Trible Plaza all the time.

Even in the nighttime, it’s not unusual for an a cappella group to offer a free concert for the students. They sing wonderfully and provide an incredible soundtrack for the night. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the amazing fundraisers that often take place on the plaza. There’s been fundraisers to pie people in the face, pull the table-cloth off a table forcing all of the contents on top of the table-cloth to go flying, karaoke and much, much more.

If I’m ever bored, I never hesitate to take a stroll out on the plaza and see what my Christopher Newport peers are up to!

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