It Isn’t All Stress

Going through college tours, orientations and guidance counselor conversations I was terrified of the increased workload I kept hearing about. I knew it was going to be a bigger challenge than I was used to in high school. I was preparing myself for that time commitment and dreading the lack of free time. But, I had chosen a school I loved and was also excited for what Christopher Newport had to offer.

Since arriving, I have learned that it is not all stress. What I heard was true, it is a much bigger workload it is a much bigger time commitment. But, it is not all-consuming unless you let it. A schedule is important, but there will be days when you have little or nothing to do. Take those days! Most weeks will feel full. Some weeks will feel overwhelming, but there will be rare, beautiful weeks or days that are mostly blank. Do not take these for granted. Treat yourself to a nap or a Netflix session. Maybe you can even read a book. These are the moments where you take that time for yourself and recoup. Hit a restart button on these days so that you can thrive in the weeks that will keep you on your toes.

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