How to Survive Rainy Days at CNU

Here in Newport News, despite the regularly lovely weather, it often rains. So here’s a list of things that we do to make those rainy days a lot less gloomy.

  1. Strap on your rain boots! With a pair of rain boots to protect you from the water, you’re practically invincible. You go from dodging puddles to strutting across campus like it’s nobody’s business. There’s nothing more pleasant than hopping into a puddle like you’re seven again!
  2. Grab a coffee from Einstein’s. There’s nothing more relaxing than spending an hour in the library with a grande white chocolate mocha in your hand. Make it a date and catch up with friends while enjoying the warmth!
  3. Make it a study day. We all know that sometimes it’s far too easy to fall behind on work. When you can’t enjoy the sunshine out on the Great Lawn, you might as well go ahead and finish some homework! Cuddle up with a blanket and hit the books.
  4. If you read number three and said “Yeah, no. Definitely not doing that,” then why not curl up with your laptop and enjoy a good Netflix binge instead? Grab some popcorn and a few friends and catch up on “Stranger Things!”

There are tons of ways to enjoy our beautiful campus no matter the weather! So go ahead, enjoy the rain!

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