A Bad Day at Christopher Newport

A bad day at Christopher Newport is still a pretty good day. Whether you’ve got troubles with your significant other, a bad grade on a test or the sky was just a little gray, Christopher Newport has your back. There are so many resources available at Christopher Newport to ensure your social and emotional success. Of course, your friends are a primary one, but there are many other outlets to vent your feelings to and discuss your problems.

The first, and most immediate option, is your RA. Your RA (resident assistant) lives on your hall with you and is an aid to any problem you may have. This includes social, academic as well as just everyday issues. They are a resource, so be sure to use them. In addition, they can also point you in the direction of more professional help if need be.

Christopher Newport has a great counseling staff that is flexible to your schedule. These people are here to help you through your college years and put your mind at ease in regards to any stressors you may have in your life. Your RA may also point you in the direction of a tutor. The Center for Academic Success has tutors for every major and can even put you in contact with someone who took the same class as you are. There are so many options for help at Christopher Newport. So if you have a bad day, don’t be afraid to ask for help!

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