4 Reasons Why I Chose Christopher Newport

  1. Community. It’s not just something our tour guides say. Christopher Newport students and faculty really are that nice. You can always expect a door to be held open for you and a friendly smile on your way to class. And it’s not done because people feel obligated to, they genuinely want to!
  2. Service. Service is very important to the foundation of Christopher Newport. We care about each other, and we care about those around us. This is why we have so many outreach programs on campus to help those in need. Students here are proactive, and they love getting involved on and off campus.
  3. Academic Success. Christopher Newport has a high standard of academics. The university wants and expects you to succeed. This is why the university offers so many tutoring outlets, places to study and other avenues to ensure that you do not fall behind. This is something that Christopher Newport takes very seriously, and all of its students know it.
  4. Variety. Even though we are a small school, visitors will quickly notice the variety on campus. There are so many philanthropy groups, interest clubs, athletic teams and greek organizations to get involved with. Christopher Newport students are exposed to so many interesting and exciting fields through people who are truly passionate about the topic.

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