4 Reasons to Go to Einstein’s

  1. The Food. Einstein’s cafe has some great food to choose from. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, feel free to grab a black and white cookie. If you’re in the mood for something savory, take a look at their wide array of sandwiches to choose from. They even serve sushi! There’s so much to choose from and all of it is delicious!
  2. The Drinks. OK, this one is similar to food, but the drinks at Einstein’s are so good they deserve their own point. A latte or vanilla milkshake from Einstein’s is to die for. Instead of driving to the nearest Starbucks, you can get your fix right here on campus for a great price!
  3. Studying. Einstein’s is a little more social and little less quiet than traditional study locations on campus, but, for some people, that’s exactly what they want. Meeting up with a few of your peers for a group project in Einstein’s over coffee is ideal for light, conversational discussion.
  4. Dates. If you’re looking for a place on campus to take your special person, look no further. It’s cheap, and it’s close by! Einstein’s is the perfect spot to have a quick, but meaningful date if you’re strapped for time or just want to experiment with a new place!

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