The Food After One Semester

At many universities, the food can get old pretty quick. At CNU, the food is still just as good as when the fall semester started. This is not only because of the quality of the food, but also because of the variety. Whether it’s Commons or Regattas, the dining halls have something different everyday. You’ll find a favorite at every meal!

Though, variety isn’t for everyone. Sometimes, you want to be able to rely on a dish. As for me, I can always rely on a grilled cheese and fries from Regattas, but there are plenty more dishes that can be relied on. A sub from Commons, cereal from either, a salad from Regattas, and, of course, the newly reconstructed Mongolian grill. At the grill, you have your choice of noodles, meat and just about any kind of ingredient you could imagine, plus a wide array of spices and sauces.

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