Sharing a Bathroom

Bathrooms are something most incoming freshmen, boys and girls alike, are very apprehensive about. The idea of sharing one with three or more strangers can instill quite a feeling of discomfort. Though, you shouldn’t worry. This is one of the easiest adjustments you’ll make living in a residence hall.

The first thing will be, inevitably, you and all of your suitemates will have each purchased a bathmat despite your bathroom only needing one. This should be an indicator that your suitemates care just as much as you do about health and cleanliness. Very shortly thereafter, your resident assistant will help you and your suitemates coordinate a housing contract. This will allow each of you to set standards for one another and be held accountable for these standards. It’s a great way to directly address any concerns you may have.

The bathrooms in Christopher Newport housing are top-notch. The water pressure is great. This is something I never thought I’d care about or notice, but, frankly, the water pressure in my dorm is better than the pressure in my own house. Though, perhaps most importantly, the hot water is assured every morning. There’s no better feeling than a warm shower to wake you up!

Moving in is stressful for most incoming freshmen, but don’t let it control you! You can rest assured that Christopher Newport is prepared for your academics, as well as your comfort.

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