Regattas New and Improved

With the opening of the new and improved Regattas dining hall a couple of weeks behind us I wanted to reflect on the change it has brought to campus. For starters the new addition to the back half of our dining hall is beautiful. I wouldn’t expect anything else from the architecture of Christopher Newport. It matches perfectly with the red brick and columns on campus. I have also enjoyed having the famous Francis of Assisi statue back on campus.

The expansion was long-awaited and the talk of the town. With a performance from our pep band and a speech from our student assembly president, the opening ceremony was short and sweet. It ended with an open tour of the new facility. It was unique to be one of the first to set foot on the new tile.

After experiencing the addition for the last couple weeks I have enjoyed having a bigger and better Mongolian grill. I now plan my days in order to get to Regattas before the lunch rush just to get the Mongolian grill special. I have also enjoyed the open space with new seating. Before, I would often get to-go because of Regattas seating. Problem solved! There are many more features to come and explore including a whole second floor of seating and a flavor machine for drinks.

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