Preparing for a Presentation

Recently, I had an interview with the Office of Residence Life. In this interview we had to prepare a presentation that encompassed a problem in higher education and solutions for said problem. Where did I even begin?

For one, Google Drive is a life-changer. I had never learned how to use Google Drive prior to college, but considering our student email accounts are through Gmail it has been inevitable that I would become Google Drive fluent. This has proven helpful for times like group projects and presentations. It is much safer than emailing the file or carrying a flash drive. Both of those options could result in losing the file. However, Google Drive is strictly through WiFi so all you need is internet access and you can edit or view your document. Multiple people can work on it at the same time too.

However, this is not an advertisement for Gmail or a blog post about the helpfulness CNU provides with their student email accounts. Instead, it is an appreciation for how simple Christopher Newport makes it to build and execute a presentation. With Google Drive it was so simple to create a presentation in my dorm and just log in to my account in the interview room for viewing. It is also an appreciation post about how Christopher Newport is passionate about constant improvement. So much so that they value student feedback and find it admirable when a student can articulate and provide solutions for a problem that students sees from their perspective.

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