Club Fair

There’s nothing quite like walking into the Freeman Center Field House for Club Fair. It feels like you’re walking into a convention center, and you might as well be. Row after row is filled with booth after booth of smiling club members who want your attention, and you should certainly give it to them.

These folks are very passionate about what they do, and so is why they are tabling for their organization. As I strolled down the aisle, I had the opportunity to learn about different greek organizations, clubs ranging from cars to baking, athletic associations and much, much more. It was almost overwhelming!

I took a look at the Student Diversity and Equality Council in particular, and really enjoyed learning all about their efforts to ensure that Christopher Newport is a safe place for all students to share their thoughts. In addition, I stopped by the tables for the organizations of which I’m already a member (Student Assembly and SPCA). I even got a few free shirts by stopping from table to table!

At Club Fair, there’s something for everyone. It’s a showcase of what Christopher Newport has to offer, and it does not disappoint. Club Fair happens at the beginning of each semester. So, even if you miss it in the fall, there’s always the spring to look forward to.

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