Attendance at CNU

Christopher Newport is a small university. There are many benefits to this fact. Class sizes are generally smaller allowing for class discussion and engagement. You get to know everyone in your class, leading to more relationships and bigger study groups. With class sizes ranging around 19, CNU sets forth an engaging class experience. Your professor gets a chance to learn your name and you get to know the class.

However, this means they know when you are absent and they care when you are gone. Many professors set forth attendance policies to encourage class participation. I enjoy the motivation and the caring that comes from the professors here. Christopher Newport University values academic success.

The other day I missed classes for a conference I attended. I provided documentation for my absence, but one of my professors still took my absence as an opportunity to email me and ask how I was doing due to my absence. I appreciated the time my professor took to reach out and check on my because I was not in class. You wouldn’t get that attention in a big lecture class.

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