Why You Don’t Need a Car at CNU

Everyone will tell you, and you’ll realize pretty fast too, that CNU is a small campus. Anything you’d ever need on campus is just a five-minute walk away. But what about the things you need that aren’t on campus?

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to go off campus. Firstly, CNU does have a ride-share program for volunteering. Students with cars carpool with others and drive to their service site. For volunteers whose sites are a far ways off, this is a great help. Though, I’m sure you’re wondering about the groceries and everyday supplies. Well, there are two grocery stores just a few minutes’ walk off campus. In addition, you’ll find a lovely strip of restaurants to choose from.

If you want to see a movie I’m afraid there is no theater in walking distance, but don’t fret. The Campus Activities Board (CAB) offers free movie nights for the Christopher Newport community. Plus, don’t forget that you’ll make plenty of friends who have cars. Being Christopher Newport students, you can be assured that your peers are always willing to help those in need if there’s every an emergency. Don’t be dismayed at not having a car. You’ll still have a great time!

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